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Tuesday Aria's Nursery Reveal & giveaway

I am so excited I finally took some pictures of Aria's nursery today and thought I'd share it with you. Decorating Aria's room has been one of my favorite things so far and I am very happy with the final result. I wanted a feminine & sophisticated feel for her nursery with lots of white and soft touches of pink and gold.

I love the peaceful feeling I get as I enter this room. And I treasure the moment we spend there together, either playing and laughing chasing after each other or when it's bedtime and I get to sing her lullabies and give her goodnight kisses. 
We were so blessed because most of the things such as the crib, the bedding set etc. were baby shower gifts from family and friends so we ended up spending very little to complete the nursery. My favorite decoration in her room, is the gold foil print of her tiny footprints and birth stats I made for her. I have had a lot of questions about it so I decided to giveaway two customized prints to two lovely followers. This will be an Instagram giveaway. 

I am linking below most of the things you see in the pictures. 

Pink container
Projector and Sound system
Baby footprints 

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