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Saturday Denim shirt + dress

Hi lovelies,

Happy weekend!! I am so excited for this weekend to finally be here since my family and I are going on a little vacation starting on Sunday. It is definitely a much needed vacation. I am looking forward to relax a little and explore the San Jaun Island. My husband and I have been working on a few little projects these past weeks which have taken much of my free time and have required late nights and of course I always have early mornings with my baby girl. So any little free time I had during nap time, I've been dedicating to these projects and so my blog post had been put on hold. But I couldn't wait much longer without getting back here.

So here is another way to style your denim shirts. You can look my other two looks here and here. Who said you have to wear pants to run errands? A colorful comfy dress and denim shirt can make any day better and running errands so much easier. 
Also I love this hat; it just makes this look a little more fun.

I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!

Bye loves

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