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Monday Denim and Mustard

Watch: c/o UWA

Happy Monday everyone!
I hope you had an amazing weekend.
 Over the weekend I went to my friend's daughter birthday party. She turned 1 and it was such a sweet little birthday celebration filled with laughter, good company and great food. Everyone had a great time! I am sure Perla, the birthday girl, won't remember this day, but I am glad I was there to give her lots of love and kisses. I love her sooo much!

So now lets talk about this look. Who doesn't love a denim shirt. I sure do! Denim is so versatile and it can be styled in so many different ways. I especially love this denim shirt because it has lining on the inside for extra warmth and comfort. I think it's perfect for spring time, when it's not super cold but not super hot yet and with this one you don't really need a jacket on. And I must say that it looks great with rolled up sleeves.

Thanks for stopping by!

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